The Criminology Student Association (CSA) is an organization of undergraduate students with an interest in Criminology.

You do not have to be a Criminology Major or Minor to join the CSA!

The purpose of CSA is to extend the student's education beyond the classroom by broadening their learning experiences in criminology related research. Students are given the opportunity to explore the new approaches and technologies in the criminal justice field. Research driven policies are helping to save lives, reduce costs and cut crime.

CSA has incorporated special programs into our learning experiences such as visits to a shooting range and a K9 Demonstration. The programs are designed to show members, firsthand, the technological advances that are being made in the criminal justice field and help promote new friendships among fellow students and faculty. The association also serves as a Criminology information service, a network of students and faculty can help in advising you if you have questions or concerns about internships, criminology courses, law school, employment, or research.

As a member of the Criminology Student Association, you will find opportunities to meet interesting people that share the same interest in Criminology that you do and you will establish networks that will be useful in your future endeavors.

Please contact any of our officers if you are interested in joining the CSA.


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